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Delivering a new generation of high speed trains



Follow our progress as we work with our delivery partners to introduce new trains into service across the UK offering a step change in capacity, improved reliability and reduced environmental impact on every train journey.


Agility Trains is working to deliver 57 new trains for operation on the Great Western Main Line, plus two new purpose built depots (Bristol and Swansea) and a full depot refurbishment in West London. Trains will enter passenger service in 2017.


Agility Trains is working to deliver 65 new trains for operation on the East Coast Main Line, plus a new purpose built depot in Doncaster and three depot refurbishments (one in Edinburgh and two in North London). Trains will enter passenger service in 2018.


Agility Trains has been established to work in partnership with the Department for Transport in developing the Intercity Express Programme (IEP) to replace Britain’s ageing fleet of Intercity trains. The IEP will provide a new generation of highly reliable and efficient trains for the Great Western and East Coast Main Lines; setting new standards for train performance and passenger satisfaction in the UK.

In July 2012 Agility Trains entered into a contract for the first phase of the IEP to provide 57 new trains to replace the Intercity 125 stock on the Great Western Main Line, running from London to Reading, Bristol, Cardiff and Swansea. In addition to providing the trains, Agility Trains has funded the construction of two new purpose-built train maintenance centres at Swansea and Bristol and extensively refurbished a third facility in West London. The new IEP trains go into passenger service on the Great Western Main Line in 2017 and Agility Trains, in partnership with Hitachi Rail, will provide full maintenance services for the next 27.5 years. 


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