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Agility Trains East has entered into a contract with the Department for Transport for the second phase of the Intercity Express Programme, providing 65 new trains and associated depot facilities for the East Coast Main Line.

The IEP utilises a structure under which Agility Trains East contracts with the DfT to design, build and finance the trains (and associated depots) and, separately, with the Train Operating Company (London North Eastern Railway) to introduce them into service and then make them available to the TOC, on a no-train, no-pay basis, thereafter.

The Fleet

Agility Trains East used the Hitachi-made Class 800/801 trains to replace the existing Intercity 125 and 225 High Speed Train fleets and to make available a daily operational fleet. The trains are a combination of fully electric and bi-mode trains, the latter having the ability to operate with either diesel or electric propulsion and hence operate across those parts of the East Coast network which are not electrified, and will be provided in a combination of 5-car, 9-car and 10-car formations. 


The East Coast Main Line Intercity Express Programme contract required one new purpose built depot facility to be constructed and three refurbishments of existing depot facilities to enable Agility Trains East to provide the on-going maintenance of the fleet. 

The original freight facility has been replaced with a newly constructed, state-of-the-art depot for the Class 800/801 trains. The Doncaster depot is the largest depot operated by Agility Trains East on the East Coast Main Line, stretching over a mile long with a total site area of over 7 hectares.

London (Bounds Green and Ferme Park depots)
The Bounds Green and Ferme Park depots are located in North London.  Agility Trains East has made minor modifications and upgrades to the sites to provide depot and maintenance facilities.

Edinburgh (Craigentinny depot)
Similarly to the North London depots, Agility Trains East improved the Craignentinny depot and provided necessary upgrades. 

Hitachi is Depot Facility Owner at these depots. In order to provide the full East Coast train service Hitachi has access facilities at a further five depots and also carries out works at these sites to enable them to accommodate the new trains. 

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